The Best Black Friday Deals

Your guide to the Best Black Friday Deals for coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Here's a list of our top picks, from photos to website hosting and more.

Looking for the best Black Friday Cyber Monday deals this year?

This list is updated often so bookmark this page and check back regularly! Finding the best Black Friday Cyber Monday deals can be time-consuming. To help, I've done the research for you. Here are my picks for the best deals for coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

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Lynn Neville Content & Marketing

Lynn Neville Content & Marketing

Lynn Neville Content & Marketing

50% OFF Lifetime Membership

Price: $499 (Originally $999) Payment plans included
Coupon Code: No code needed
Valid until: 11/30/22

20% Off at the Everything Page
Includes bundles, lead magnets, courses, templates, and more. Excludes memberships.

Prices: Varies
Coupon Code: 20OFFBF
Valid until 11/30/22

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Membership Yearly Pass - Liz Wilcox

I've been a member of Liz's membership for over a year now and just renewed my yearly subscription. It provides you with email templates you can use to make sending weekly emails to your list a breeze. She only opens up her annual membership subscription a few times a year so if you want EMM and all the other goodies that Liz has to offer, then you won't want to miss this Black Friday offer.

Price: $108/year
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid until 11/28/22

Learning Management Systems


Get 15% off for one year when you sign up for a new paid account or upgrade your current Podia plan.

Price: $28.05/mo and up
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: 11/23/22 - 11/28/22 11:50pm ET

Website Bundle

Layne Lyons Legal


In this bundle, you'll get:
If you have a digital footprint with any kind of website, and you plan to collect email addresses (like in exchange for a freebie or on a contact page) you are **LEGALLY REQUIRED** to have a GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy.

If you want to make it known that your content is YOURS, and no one can copy it… plus you want to limit your financial responsibility should something go off track, you need robust Website Terms and Conditions.

And, if you want to make sure no one misconstrues your content as health, mental health, financial, or other professional advice (for which you might be held liable), you need a Website Disclaimer.

If you plan to launch a website, these are the *minimum* legal requirements you must have to protect yourself.

Price: Website Bundle $350, 25% off all other contracts (prices vary)
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: 11/23/22 - 11/28/22

Outsource and Earn Bundle

Layne Lyons Legal


There are three major milestones for most solopreneurs/small biz owners. In this bundle, you'll get:
💎 First, you’re ready to OUTSOURCE!
That moment you realize you’re ready to hire is **INCREDIBLE** …and also pretty intimidating. Do it safely and securely with a Contractor Service Agreement.

💎 Next, you’re ready to GET VISIBLE!
As you grow, you need to get in front of new audiences, and that means speaking on podcasts, stages, summits, and other events. Protect yourself and your reputation with a Professional Speaker Agreement.

💎 Finally, you’re ready to earn some PASSIVE INCOME!
One of the best ways to do this is with an affiliate program. Cash in on all that goodwill and relationship-building you’ve done, and invite your loyal fans to sell your programs, products, or services on your behalf. Keep it a drama-free, win-win situation with a solid Affiliate Agreement.

The regular price for these bundles is $700. My gift to you is to make it an easy YES to simple & safe legal protections to help you start or scale your business at its lowest price ever: a full FIFTY PERCENT OFF... choose your path and instantly save $350.

🤯PLUS we're having a site-wide 25% off sale on all contracts in the shop!

Price: Website Bundle $350, 25% off all other contracts (prices vary)
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: 11/23/22 - 11/28/22


Mental Mastery For Course Creators - Julia Katsivo Carter

Money, energy, networking and rest come together in this 4 video series for women entrepreneurs to help you stay in the game of creating and delivering great courses, services and products.

This series is curated to help align your energy to attract great buying clients, learn crucial information about their buying behaviours, and create or grow your network. All while helping you operate in abundance so you can expand your vision and operations and make the impact you desire.

This is the type of training that clients pay a thousand dollars plus a month to receive from me - now available in digital format at a fraction of the price. The full value is $47, and the reduced price for a limited time is $38.

Price $38
Coupon Code: None Needed
Valid: 11/20/22 - 11/30/11


How To Create & Manage a Daily To-Do List eCourse - Jodi Graham

If you’re overwhelmed and frustrated by your daily to-do list and wish you just knew how to get through all that work and all those other courses you’ve got on your plate, the How To Create & Manage a Daily To-Do List eCourse is perfect for you.

In the time it takes you to drink your morning coffee you’ll discover how to get through that daily to-do list quickly and easily, so you can move forward and take action on your next big ideas. By taking just a few minutes each day to create an effective to-do list using the 5 strategies outlined in this eCourse, you’ll save yourself 2 hours every single day that you can spend on your creative work, hobbies, with your family – the choice is yours!

You’re so so so busy and it seems like every season is stressful these days, so it’s time for a simple strategy that’s immediately actionable and gives you back the time invested on day one.

Price: $25 (50% savings!)
Coupon Code: TODOLIST50
Valid: 11/25/22 - 11/28/22

Plan to Succeed with Ease Course - Mindy Iannelli

This 21-day course will set you up with the skills and routines, as well as resources, to have consistent, productive days that will help you to reach your goals faster, with ease. Say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion! Each day will begin with a plan and end with success! 50% off during our Black Friday Sale!

Price: $29 (normally $59, includes the Success Goal Planner, sold separately for $29)
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: 11/25/22 - 11/28/22 11:30pm EST

Sales & Marketing

10 Showit Sales Pages You Can Steal - Ivy & Elle Studio

Ready for a high converting sales page? There's 10 Showit Sales Pages you can copy and paste right now!

In this handy Showit Sales Page Set you will find:

  • 10 Sales page designs optimised to increase your conversions
  • Easily customisable designs so you can launch your sales page FAST
  • Inbuilt sales copy guides to take out the guesswork of writing your copy
  • Sales page best practices guide

Price: $59 (normally $99)
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: 11/25/22 8am EST - 11/28/22 8am EST

The Kajabi Course Launch Accelerator - Christina Rava

The Kajabi Course Launch Accelerator is a complete blueprint for creating, marketing, and selling an online course with Kajabi. For Black Friday, you get 2 special bonuses for anyone who enrolls before the end of the day on November 28th. One is a 25% discount off the course, and the other is a customized audit of the person's Kajabi course and funnel setup.

Price: $523
Extra Bonus 1: 25% Savings
Extra Bonus 2: A Customized audit of your Kajabi course and funnel setup
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: 11/25/22 7am EST - 11/28/22 11pm EST

Toolkits, Workshops, and Templates for Authors - Shelley Hitz

Get everything in our shop for 50% off. Save time, money, and sanity on strategizing your book marketing. We have already done the groundwork for you by creating proven book marketing toolkits, workshops, and templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch and get stuck thinking about how to sell more books. Choose your own book marketing adventure to reach more readers, and impact more lives!

Price: $24
Coupon Code: SAVEBIG2022
Valid: 11/22/22 - 11/30/22

The VIP Hub - Sophie Riley

The VIP Hub is here to help with all your tech needs. An All-In-One Marketing Software designed to save you Time & Money! The VIP Hub Brings all your tools and software together to make managing your business simpler, easier and more affordable.

We help you onboard to our system, we have lots of Office hours to help you create your next project. We have templates for everything that you need as a coach, a service provider and course creators such as Masterclass Automations, Challenges, Courses & Nurture Sequence, Summits and Collaborations and more. (All at no extra cost) It's time to make the move!

Price: 30-Day FREE trial period
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: Friday, 11/25/33 at 12:01 am EST to Monday, 11/28/22 at Midnight EST

Website Bundle BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL - Michelle Pontvert

Three products at 50% OFF! Save yourself countless hours (and missed opportunities!) with this website bundle that literally hands you all the essential ingredients for a beautiful, conversion-optimized website with all the hard work done for you!

Price: $325
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: 11/21/22 - 11/28/22 midnight CEST

Social Media

Pinterest Conversion Blueprint - Laura Rike

A comprehensive & customized Pinterest marketing plan for YOU and your team you can get for 40% off this week!

Instead of adding another time-consuming task to your team's plate, Laura Rike’s Pinterest Conversion Blueprint will provide you with insider details on what you should be focusing on in the next 90 days to increase your conversions AND your profit margins.

Laura and her team provide you with a step-by-step plan tailored to you and your brand, all you need to do is put it into action.

When you get your Pinterest Conversion Blueprint, you’ll get:

  • Fresh steps for your Pinterest strategy
  • An evaluation of how to improve your Pinterest profile—including which of those irrelevant boards you’ve stockpiled over the years you should remove! 😉
  • A list of trending keywords specific to your niche so you can reach the most possible people when scheduling your content
  • A personalized pinning schedule so you can keep consistent with pinning content daily
  • Content strategy recommendations including ideas new topics and trends for further growth

Price: $480 (normally $800)
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: 11/21/22 6am CST - 11/26/22 11pm CST.


Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition - Krista Miller (Summit in a Box)

A FREE 3-day virtual event that will help course creators elevate their current funnel and sales process and show them what's possible when they launch through a summit in terms of revenue, list-growth, relationships, and more.

Price: FREE
Coupon Code: None needed
Valid: Ends 12/5/22


Explode Your Launch Visibility - Laura Parker

Minimise The Time You Spend Creating Launch Content While At The Same Time Maximising Every Single Post To Build Connection With Your Audience So You Explode Your Launch Visibility

Price: $33
Coupon Code: BF22
Valid: 11/24/22 - 11/28/22