Biz Bucks Terms of Use

Last Updated on 22nd September 2023.


What are Biz Bucks?

Think of Biz Bucks as a special voucher exclusively designed for your business needs.

  • Redeem your Biz Bucks towards various offers. However, make sure to apply them at the time of purchase, not afterward.
  • Spend them on nearly everything I provide, from individual consultations to courses. More details are below.
  • If there’s a promotion or a new product launch with bonuses, discounts, or other perks, your Biz Bucks equate to cash, allowing you to enjoy those benefits.


Redeeming Your Biz Bucks

To utilize your Biz Bucks, simply shoot an email to lynn@lynnneville.com. We’ll either:

  1. Share a coupon for the checkout.
  2. Send a unique payment link with instructions.
  3. Directly grant you access to the desired offer(s).

Bear in mind, we often receive numerous requests (especially during promotional periods). Typically, we’ll process your request within 24 – 48 hours (Mon-Fri).

If you’re reaching out in the last few hours of a promotion, keep in mind:

  • Our operations are based on the EST time zone.
  • We might experience high request volumes. However, if we get your email at lynn@lynnneville.com before an offer’s deadline, we’ll ensure you get the promised bonuses or discounts for at least 24 hours after we address your request.


What Can Biz Bucks Be Used On?

You can redeem Biz Bucks on almost everything I offer. Check the Everything Page or ensure you’re on my mailing list for updates. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Third-party templates or products.
  • Recurring memberships.
  • Live in-person events.
  • Additional Biz Bucks.
  • Special events or parties I host.
  • All-access passes for summits or virtual events.
  • Collaborative offers involving multiple businesses.
  • Any other exclusions will be listed as and when relevant.


How Long Can I Use My Biz Bucks?

Your Biz Bucks will either be:

  1. Valid for a specific period from the date of issue (e.g., 6 months from issuance).
  2. Valid between two fixed dates, regardless of the purchase/issue date (e.g., from September 1st to September 30th).

The expiration date will be communicated at the time of purchase/issue. Biz Bucks expire at midnight EST on this date. Unused Biz Bucks post this date will be invalid.

Extensions on the expiry date are rare and will be considered only in special circumstances.

For your convenience, we’ll send reminders 60 and 30 days before the expiration. However, remember to use your Biz Bucks before they expire.


Refunds and Transferability

  • Biz Bucks are non-refundable except as mandated by law.
  • If seeking a refund for a purchase made using Biz Bucks, our standard refund process will apply. Refunds will be made in Biz Bucks and not cash. We’ll adjust expiry dates if necessary.
  • Biz Bucks are non-transferable. They are for your use only.
  • If you’ve acquired Biz Bucks under various email IDs, let us know, and we can consolidate them under one email.


Right to Amend Biz Bucks Usage

For Biz Bucks given as bonuses, gifts, or under special circumstances (excluding purchased Biz Bucks), we reserve the right to revoke or restrict their use in situations of misuse or exceptional circumstances, such as overdue payment plans.


Checking Your Biz Bucks Balance

You can email lynn@lynnneville.com to get your current balance. If you think there might be balances under different email addresses, provide all of them for a comprehensive check.


Lastly, Biz Bucks are also governed by our Terms & Conditions.


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