Acadium Review: Digital Marketing Resource For Businesses

Acadium Review: Digital Marketing Resource For Businesses

Acadium Review: Digital Marketing Resource For Businesses

Whether you’re a business owner in search of help for your digital marketing projects or a student wanting to gain experience in the field of digital marketing, Acadium has a lot to offer. In this Acadium Review: Digital Marketing Resource for Businesses, we’ll go over the key points to consider to help you decide if Acadium is the right resource for you.

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Acadium Review: Digital Marketing Resource For Businesses

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What is Acadium?

Acadium is an online platform created to provide two key things:

  1. Talented and eager apprentices for businesses looking to get help with their online marketing needs.
  2. Digital marketing apprenticeships for anyone who wants to begin or develop a career in the field.

Apprentices are typically marketing students or people already out in the working world who are looking to hone their marketing skills. These apprentices are matched with vetted business owners based on the following.

  • The skills they have and want to learn or broaden
  • The kind of help the business owner needs.

In return for providing digital marketing help for the business, the apprentice receives valuable mentorship from the business owner.

Note: Acadium changed its name in 2019 from GenM. Initially, the company opened its doors to focus on millennials they felt were being left behind by traditional education. Not long after, the founders realized that many people of different ages and walks of life need this service. So, they became Acadium to better reflect their mission of inclusivity.

Acadium Review: Digital Marketing Resource For Businesses


Who is Acadium for?

Acadium provides opportunities for both business owners and students through a mutually beneficial experience. Business owners can find apprentices to help them with their digital marketing efforts. And apprentices receive mentorship, guidance, and work experience throughout the three-month-long apprenticeship.


What Kind of Help Can You Get?

Digital marketing needs vary depending on the type of business. Acadium’s apprentices are seeking experience, and they may also already have some knowledge in specific areas of marketing. Below are examples of specialty areas in which apprentices can focus and provide help for businesses.

  • Social media management
  • Paid advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • E-commerce
  • Website platforms
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Public relations
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How does Acadium work?

In the following sections, we look briefly at how Acadium works for businesses and apprentices, respectively.

For Business

Businesses provide guidance and mentorship to their apprentice, who works 10 hours a week during their 3-month apprenticeship. The business owner chooses the best candidate for their needs from a large pool of ready-to-work students. Then a business owner can reach out to them via a message on Acadium to see if the candidate is a good fit. Next, the business accepts an ideal candidate and begins the onboarding process with the apprentice.

For Apprentices

While working with a business, the apprentice should receive mentoring and guidance to strengthen the skill set they want to work on. In return, the apprentice provides assistance with the business’ digital marketing projects. Then at the end of a successful apprenticeship, the business owner issues a certification of completion to their apprentice.


Plans and Pricing

Credits are available for different price points (Note: prices may have changed since the publication of this article. Click here to find the most current pricing.)

Acadium Pricing


  • One credit can be redeemed for a 3-month term with an Acadium apprentice.
  • Credits never expire and can be used as needed.
  • If an apprenticeship doesn’t work out within 30 days for reasons outside of the business’ control, Acadium will restore the credit for free.

Acadium offers a comprehensive set of tools and support to help manage the apprenticeship and facilitate scheduling and communication.

Acadium Review: A Digital Marketing Resource For Businesses - Tools and Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions I often get asked about my personal experience with Acadium. If you have other questions not answered here in my Acadium Review: Digital Marketing Resource For Businesses, you can send them to lynn@lynnneville.com.

Why did you decide to use Acadium?

I was looking for an affordable way to hire help for my business. I looked at Fiverr, which I used in the past for short one-off tasks, but I needed staff that could work on longer-term projects. Since I would be working with them for an extended period, I also wanted to make sure our personalities and working style would be a good match. For those critical reasons, Acadium was the better option.

Did you find the process easy to hire new apprentices?

The process was definitely easy. I have lots of experience hiring employees. In the past, I managed the temp division of an employment agency where I matched qualified applicants to businesses looking for temporary help. I also have several years of experience in the Human Resources department for a couple of companies. And I’ve hired and managed numerous employees. So I know how time-consuming it can be to hire help.

Acadium simplifies the process with its online platform. You can filter applicants based on your needs and an applicant’s skill set and interests. You also get a legal contract that covers what is expected in the apprenticeship. Their platform made the hiring process much easier and faster.

How have the apprentices added value to your business?

They bring fresh eyes to the business, which in turn brings new ideas to the table. Apprentices have so much enthusiasm and ambition, which really drives innovation among the team. Working with self-driven students also makes the apprenticeship very enjoyable. It means you can prioritize your workday and be more productive when you have someone on your team dedicated to helping with your marketing.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone looking to hire an apprentice to their business?

It would be to make sure that the apprentice is the right fit for your business. Experience isn’t everything. There needs to be a good personality match, as you will be working with them for 13 weeks.

Acadium Review: A Digital Marketing Resource For Businesses - A remote apprentice can help


Tips from Real Experiences

I’ve worked with several apprentices, students, and business owners alike who share their tips for maximizing their Acadium experience.

Sara’s Tips

  • Provide some structure for your apprentice. Have a list of daily and/or weekly tasks for them to work on.
  • Make sure they know how to get started on the tasks. Allow for them to make mistakes, especially in the beginning, when they’re still finding their way around.
  • Set up a regular check-in time every week, and be available if they have questions or run into difficulties.
  • Offer constructive feedback. If you have additional resources, consider making them available to them.
  • Keep communication open and address questions and issues as they come up.
  • If they’re doing a great job, let them know!

Jasmine’s Tips

  • Give your apprentice opportunities to learn how to do multiple things.
  • Ask for their opinions on things and take in their input.
  • Explain everything carefully so that apprentices learns from you.

Drithi’s Tips

  • Understand what your apprentices want from you.
  • Give them room to make mistakes.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help on any tasks – if you feel overwhelmed with a bunch of work, delegate the easy tasks to your apprentices. Or make a video on how to go about a particular task. Sometimes, all students want is to keep learning new things!
  • Get to know them and their work. I know apprenticeships are meant to be formal, but if you develop a personal relationship with them, it puts you both at ease.
  • You can play their strengths to your advantage if you know what kind of tasks they’d be good at and where they might need training.

How to Get Started

Hopefully, this post, Acadium Review: Digital Marketing Resource for Business, has provided a lot of useful information to help you decide if Acadium is the right resource for you. If you’re ready to give it a go, read on.

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Acadium Review: Digital Marketing Resource For Businesses

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